Created by Pablo Delgado, Circular Gallery is expertly curated and nestled in the very now area of Ironside, Miami. Like with all of his projects, the concept speaks to the times we live in. Today, the overall focus on the planet, on social responsibility and on doing our part is at the forefront of all we do. Luxury and responsibility are not mutually exclusive. 

To that end, Circular Gallery provides a global imprint, bringing consumers sustainable pieces from each country that left an indelible impact on Delgado’s life. And where better to bring together this diverse collective of offerings than Miami, where diversity and cultural congealing are always en vogue.  

Gallery-like in concept, Circular melds more than cultural references; the offerings are also, well-rounded. One side features art with a focus on photography and sculpture, while the other acts as a multi-brand shop showcasing stand alone offerings and collaborations all by sustainable or socially responsible brands. 


In our wide breadth of offerings, consumers can find brands like Sonder & Holliday, who believes that reinvesting in their artisans in Ghana is the foundation of true luxury. Or Sauipe who’s swim suits are biodegradable in a time where protecting our waterways and the ecosystem that inhabits them is of primary importance. In the men’s, kid’s and babY's category, STEAM delivers swimsuits made from recycled plastic bottles thanks to textiles made by Greentex America, an eco-conscious textile company. 


To honor Earth Day 2020 and in-step with the concept’s commitment to the planet, Circular Gallery will be showcasing world renown Cuban photographer, IHOS, who’s cactus series Project Echinopsis: a sip of life was shot in his homeland and works by sculptor, Johan Nuñez,   who’s metal figurines are welded using debris left behind at auto mechanic workshops in Havana.


Never one to pretend the retail model has been perfected, Pablo Delgado continues to track trends and forecast growth. In 2019 he was convinced of the relevance and importance of a retail trade  led by a circular economy of global awareness and sustainability. It was time for a shift. 


Heading back to his hometown, Delgado crafted a retail gallery concept with a focus on planetary wellness that would act as an offering to consumers of sustainable and socially responsible brands, artists and artisans from around the world, providing an educational opportunity and a chance for each to do their part in shopping for a cause.